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Project title: Networking in Associated Candidate Countries towards Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health (SSA)

Acronym: GUTHEALTH Support

Proposal/Contract No. GUTHEALTH Support FOOD-CT-2003-505318

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This action provides a valuable accompaniment to European research area in the field of Food, GI-tract functionality and human health (PROEUHEALTH Cluster) by expanding challenging forums to all Associated Associated Candidate countries for conveying the objectives and outcomes of EU research. Through dissemination of research discoveries and innovations to targeted audiences, this measure helps to maximise exploitation of EU research into food, nutrition and health for the benefits to all Associated Candidate countries and their industry and consumers.

The expected achievements of this GUTHEALTH Support action
are summarised as:


Cross boarder roadshows with Associated Candidate countries on food, nutrition and health.


Courses on knowledge sharing and technology transfer from ongoing EU projects on nutrition and health.

Invitations to congresses

Invitations for Associated Candidate Countries scientists to EU conferences in which communication between scientists and industry occurs (as well as representatives of SMEs).

This action promotes communication within Associated Candidate countries providing thus strong publicity and audience, whereas courses and invitations will be targeted and focused. The Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health (PROEUHEALTH) cluster establishes the core of information from eight complementary, multicentre interdisciplinary research projects. The collaboration involves 64 different research groups from 16 different European countries and is co-ordinated by leading scientists. The network will also  include other EU projects on Food and Health.
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